Make Cuisines Scientifically-Tofu Pudding/Douhua


  • Soak the soybeans for at least 4 hr in RT or O/N in 4°C.   

Notice: the soaked soybeans are nutrient rich and easy to be contaminated by microbes. If not for immediate usage, the soaked soybeans can be kept in the freezer and thaw before use.

  • Blend the soaked beans with water (1:10). Crush the tissues into fine particles (time depends on the machine)
  • Filter the crude with soybean milk bag strainer. Collect the strained liquid into a pot. Collect the soy residue (Okara) for versatile use (ex. cookies).

Important: soy residue will affect the coagulation and is recommended to be removed for making tofu or tofu pudding.

  • Heat the raw soymilk to boil for about 10-15 min. Cool it down for about 5 min (or to ~80°C).

Important: heat kill most of the microbes in the soymilk. A huge amount of bubbles will be generated at ~80-90°C because of substances in the raw soymilk (ex. saponin). Heat until it is full boiled.

Notice: Overflowing may happen during heating. Can be avoided by using a pot with at least 2X volume bigger than the raw soymilk.

  • Prepare the coagulant solution by dissolving MgCl2 (Nigari) (~1 tbsp) with warm water in a small volume. Prepare starch solution if used.

Notice: Depends on the hardness of the water, more or less coagulant could be added. Sweet potato flour or tapioca starch (about 1:30 weight ratio; 30 g in 900 ml soymilk) can be added to increase the elasticity of the tofu pudding. If not added, you can get a very soft tofu.

  • Transfer the coagulant solution into another pot. Mix with the starch solution if used. Pour the soymilk into the pot immediately to mix with the coagulant solution.

Important: do not stir the mixture once all the soymilk poured. Stir will affect the coagulation.

  • Cool it down to RT.
  • Dissolve some brown sugar with water. Spoon the solidified tofu pudding into the syrup.

Optional: add some sweetened beans (red bean, green bean, etc.), pearl barley, taro, sweet potato, taro balls, or tapioca balls.

  • Enjoy it!

Quick method to make soymilk:

  • Put the soaked beans and water to soymilk maker (follow the procedure recommended by the machine).

Optional: remove soy residue by soybean milk bag strainer or sieve if you don’t like the residue.

Notice: the soymilk made using soymilk maker is too diluted and not suitable for making tofu or tofu pudding.

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