Let’s Go to Iceland!

Why Iceland?

In the end of 2017, I traveled Iceland, the land of fire and ice. Why I decided to go to Iceland? This is an amazing place with breathtaking nature wonders such as the volcano, the glacier, hot springs, and waterfalls. I really enjoyed my trip. Iceland is also a wonderful place to see northern light during winter time. Seeing the northern light is always in my pocket list, so I decided to fulfill this wish first.

There were several places recommended to see the northern light, according to my searches. For people based on the US, here are three places recommended:

  • Fairbank and Anchorage in Alaska, US
  • Yellowknife, Canada
  • Iceland

The temperature during winter in places where can see the northern light can be extremely low. Surprisingly, the average winter temperature in Iceland keeps around 30 degrees F. That means, you don’t have to stay outside under a -30 degrees F to wait for the northern light.

The next question is, when to visit Iceland? Iceland is one of the hottest travel destinations for all seasons, but I have my work, I’m not flexible for traveling during some months. So, when will be the best time for me to fulfill most of my willing?

Below is a table I created to help me make decision:

Comparison of reasons for different seasons to decide when I should travel to Iceland:

Possible timeSpring (March)Summer (May-early Aug)Fall (Oct)Winter (Dec)
Positive reasons

·       Beautiful nature

·       Midnight sun

·       Whale watching

·       Walk into the volcano

·       Best time for visiting according to some people

·       Possible to see northern light

·       Possible to enter blue ice cave

·       Northern light

·       Blue ice cave

·       Christmas

·       New year eve

·       The longest night

Negative reasons

·       High chance for Winter storm or heavy rain

·       Not a best travel time for me

·       Not possible for northern light

·       Not a best travel time for me

·       High chance for Winter storm

·       Not possible for midnight sun

Iceland is also a great film place for TV shows and movies such as Game of Throne, Interstellar, Star Wars, and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. To experience a feeling of not live on the earth, a white Iceland seems to be an appropriate choice. To see the northern light sometimes largely depends on luck. To increase the chance to see the northern light in Iceland, stay for 7-10 days will be good.

Things to know before visiting Iceland

VISA: I have 90-days Schengen visa on arrival with Taiwan’s passport
Language: people in Iceland speak Icelandic, but most of them can speak English fluently
Currency: Icelandic Krona (ISK), credit cards are widely accepted by almost all the stores (even a street vender)
Safety: Iceland is one of the world’s safest countries
How to get there: Icelandair and WOW Air are the two Iceland-based carriers and have several hubs in US and Europe
Electronics: I want to keep my luggage light, so I only bring my cellphone, GoPro,  plug adapter, and mobile powerbank

Based on these information, traveling Iceland seems not hard and it can be safe and interesting.

Ready? Let’s go to Iceland!

(To be continued……)