Delicious in Iceland

Although it’s not cheap to travel Iceland (cook by yourself can save a lot), there are still some relative economic and delicious foods can be found.

Here are some foods I’ve tasted during my stay in Iceland:

Beef noodle @ Noodle Station, Reykjavík

It’s kind of funny that my first meal in Iceland was eating a Chinese style cuisine. However, I have to say THIS IS SO DELICIOUS 😋. And the price is also affordable when eating in Iceland (although I may only spend half of the price eating a similar thing in the US).

Reindeer soup in bread @ Svarta Kaffið, Reykjavík (December only!!)

I saw this online and from TripAdvisor. This restaurant sell soup only and you can choose to fill the soup in a bread bowl. The bread was so crispy outside and soft inside, the soup itself was also very delicious. Don’t miss up the reindeer soup if you visit in December!

Shell fish soup in bread @ Icelandic Street Food, Reykjavík

They also have lamp soup available, but when I visited it was already sold out.


Fermented shark @ Icelandic Street Food, Reykjavík

The fermented shark is a traditional Icelandic food. I heard it can be found in the farmer’s market but I missed it (opened only on Saturday). Fortunately, the master of Icelandic Street Food kindly provided that for a taste.

Everybody said that is pretty stink, but I feel it’s okay to me. My taste buds and olfactory receptors probably all die 😫.


This is my favorite! I almost ate that everyday during my stay. It tasted like the Greek yogurt and have many flavors available.

Here is the one I ate before the glacier hiking, which I actually have no idea what the flavor it is. The label on it seems means “clean” in English, which I still don’t know what’s that. Well, maybe it’s a glacier flavor!


My new friend from Ireland told me this cake shop is famous, so I bought a small cake and it tasted as good as its reputation 👍! (Sorry I forgot the store name……)

Lamp @ Hotel Skógafoss

Our local guide recommended this to me and I decide to take a try. I knew the lamp in Iceland is highly recommended and it proved that this was a great decision. The lamp was so soft and very juicy 😋.

Dinner in Hotel @ Hótel Geirland, Kirkjubæjarklaustur

Although there are not many choices and you cannot find other shops or restaurants nearby, the meals in this hotel we stay is great! The dessert was especially impressive, and I love the fresh cream with ice cream.